Compared with traditional mixers, which is suitable for construction work?


The most traditional mixer used in the past will have a non-uniform situation when mixing concrete. When the concrete is used, it must be stirred a few times manually. This will lead to unqualified concrete used in the project, resulting in poor quality of the project. And wasting time.

The self-loading concrete mixer truck can produce C50 type concrete for road construction, C20 and C25 type concrete for building houses, and C40 type concrete for repairing water channels. The self-loading concrete mixer can be stirred evenly and can be solved with only one machine. It does not require any auxiliary tools and is very convenient and practical.

Moreover, secondary pollution of open agitation is avoided. There is no need to separately purchase loader loading and three-wheeled vehicles to transport concrete, which greatly reduces labor costs.

Therefore, the self-loading concrete mixer truck is more suitable for use on the construction site.

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