Daily cleaning steps of self loading concrete mixer truck


The self loading concrete mixer must be cleaned every day. The concrete solidifies in the mixing tank, and if it takes a long time, it will cause corrosion. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the self loading concrete mixer will become heavier and heavier. The following is the daily cleaning procedure for everyone.

1. Rinse the feed port with water before each filling to keep the feed port moist during the filling process;

2. While loading, fill the washing water tank containing the vehicle with water;

3. Rinse the feed port after charging and clean the remaining concrete near the feed port;

4. After unloading at the construction site, flush the discharge tank, and then add 30-40L of cleaning water to the fully automatic concrete mixing tank; keep the concrete storage tank rotating slowly when the vehicle returns;

5. Before the next loading, remember to put down the sewage in theself loading concrete mixer  mixing tank;

6. Clean the automatic concrete mixing tank and the inlet and outlet around the work every day to confirm that there is no agglomeration of cement and concrete.

self loading concrete mixer

The self loading concrete mixer must be cleaned at ordinary times. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause damage to the vehicle and greatly shorten the service life of self loading concrete mixer.

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