Features of self loading concrete mixer


Features of self loading concrete mixer:

The self loading concrete mixer is a mechanical device integrating loading, mixing, transportation and unloading. The device is used in urban construction roads, rural road repairs, bridges, houses, water conservancy projects, infrastructure projects, mixing stations and other projects. Is an indispensable professional tool. Below, we will give you a detailed introduction to the characteristics of the self loading concrete mixer:

1. The rotation of the mixer drum of the mixer truck is driven by a hydraulic motor through a special planetary reducer. The output shaft of the planetary reducer can swing at a certain angle to meet the beat of the mixer drum under severe road conditions.

2. The hydraulic system uses a constant power variable piston pump to reduce the power loss of the engine.

3. The water inlet system can realize automatic water inlet according to the measurement setting.

4. Dry material feeding, according to the designed ratio, the material is automatically loaded by the shovel arm, boom cylinder and quantitative hopper.

5. Double spiral blades are set on the inner wall of the mixing drum of the self loading concrete mixer. The positive rotation is the feeding and concrete mixing; the reverse rotation is driven by the spiral blades, and the concrete is discharged from the discharge port.

6. The walking system runs from the engine to the front and rear axles through the hydraulic torque converter and the front and rear transmission shafts. Driven by front and rear double bridges. The use of a torque converter reduces the impact on the engine and extends the life of the engine.

what is self loading concrete mixer

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