The correct operation method of the multifunctional self loading cocrete mixer:

The flexible and correct operation methods of the multifunctional self loading cocrete mixer can be summarized as: one light, two stable, three separation, four diligent, five coordination, and six prohibited.

One light: When the self loading cocrete mixer is working, the heel is pressed against the floor of the cab, the foot plate and the accelerator pedal are kept parallel, and the fuel pedal is gently pressed down.

Two stable: the throttle is always stable when the self loading cocrete mixer is in operation. Under normal operating conditions, the throttle opening is about 70%.

Three separations: During the operation of the self loading cocrete mixer,the foot plate should be separated from the brake pedal and placed flat on the floor of the cab. Never step on the brake pedal. self loading cocrete mixer often work on uneven construction sites. If the feet are always on the brake pedal, the fuselage will move up and down, which will cause the driver to step on the brake pedal inadvertently. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to control the engine condition and gear shift by controlling the throttle deceleration. This not only avoids the overheating of the braking system caused by frequent braking, but also brings convenience for the fast speed increase of the automatic feeding mixer.

self loading cocrete mixer

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