Precautions of self loading concrete mixer


1.During the concrete mixer driving, the drum must be rotated at low speed.

2.Before driving every day,check every screw in the car,whether there is water in the engine oil tank.Must check screws in rear swing motor.

3.After the start of the vehicle, idle 3-5 clock and then drive.

4.The air pressure of the vehicle can not be less than 0.4 pressure.

5.Forbid high speed gear starting.

6.Each grease fitting fill point, every 8 hours into the grease once, mixer motor and reducer add gear oil.

7.When the vehicles are at work,use the low-end.

8.When unloading bucket down, is strictly forbidden to lift the big arm, if the lifting arm will bend bucket cylinder.

9.When the vehicle load,it is strictly forbidden to use high-speed gear.

10.When the vehicle is turning, it is strictly forbidden to use high speed, if the high-speed turn, the occurrence of the vehicle rollover,on your own account.

11.Release gas irrigation waste water once in 10-15 days.

12.When filling the water into the tank,it is seriously forbidden to step on the gas.

13.When rotating the tank,it is seriously forbidden to lift the big arm.

14.Seriously forbid to unauthorized adjustment of weighing system.

15.When the water pipe is sucked into the water tank, the water pipe is provided with a filter in order to prevent the damage of the water pump.

16.Release the waste water once from the brake irrigation with 10-15 days.

17.When filling the water into the drum, it is seriously forbidden to step on the accelerator. When the external water pipe is suctioning, must be installed filter system, to prevent inhalation debris to the pump damage.

18.When open and close the pump, pay attention to the angle and way, open and close with lightly. When suction, can not turn off the vehicle.

19.The engine air filter is cleaned once every 15 days and changed once every 30 days.  In the first timeEngine oil, hydraulic oil replace once every 150 hours, after replace once every 200 hours. Engine oil is best to use the Total brand, hydraulic oil with #68

20.After mixing, must be promptly filled with water to clean the drum to prevent concrete coagulation.  After finish the work every day,  must be use a high pressure water gun cleaning the concrete and attachments in the inside and outside of the drum.

21.Add water to water tank before first working(Will get how to add water from operation video)

Add water for 4 minutes was design in auto time box.Add cement 900-1000KG,Add sand full three buckets and 4.5 buckets stone

22.Add water,add cement,sand and stone cannot changed sequence.

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