What are the advantages of self loading concrete mixer


What are the advantages of the self loading concrete mixer

1. Independence:

This kind of self loading concrete mixer can operate independently to complete the functions of loading, mixing, transportation and unloading.

2. Multifunctional:

The self loading concrete mixer replaces the functions of loaders, mixers, transport vehicles, generator sets, etc. It also comes with a water tank, an external suction pump, and continuously supplies water to the mixer truck where there is a water source; multi-angle 270 degree rotating unloading, Adapt to a variety of different geographical environments.

3. Easy to operate:

The self loading concrete mixer uses a multi-function operating handle to control the functions of bucket lifting, lowering, bucket returning, bucket releasing, rotating, and rotating tank. The walking system adopts stepless speed change, high and low speed driving, which is convenient and simple.

advantage of self loading mixer

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