hongyuan hy-400 concrete mixer

  • Fiori CBV Self Loading Concrete Mixer

    Fiori CBV Self Loading Concrete Mixer

    1) Chinese MOST famous brand CUMMINS engine with 125HP power. 2) 80% chassis steel is Q345B.Important part use hard steel 35Mnb 3) Four wheel drive with 4 wheel air brake 4) 20 ton loading axles with good performance with the machine with full concrete loading 5) CVT transmission have good quality,Easier operate and never flame out at rough terrain. 6) Luxury cabin with FOPS&ROPS approved,With adjustable steer wheel,Luxury seat,Air condition included,Single handle joystick power shaft control 7) KOREA Swing motor. 8) Discharge chutes removable and angle hydraulic changeable 9) Famous brand Camel battery with Big AH 10) Hydraulic water pumping system,With water meter.High pressure washing gun. 11) Tyre is 16/70-20 wire tires 12) Equipped with Back-up video 13) Production Capacity 16m3/hour

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  • QGMC 3500TT Self Loading Concrete Mixer

    QGMC 3500TT Self Loading Concrete Mixer

    Self-loading concrete mixer feature combines self-loading,weighting,mixing and discharging,it can maximize and improve the job efficiency and reduce the production cost and time. 1.LOADING Thanks to its unique four bar linkage shovel,its easily manages all the loading operations of the aggregates with excellent precision. The blade fitted inside the shovel permits the breaking of concrete bags with no waste. From the shovel any material will flow smoothly and quickly through the hopper into the drum. 2.MIXING: Once in the drum, aggregates and concrete are perfectly mixed together with the self-pumped water from water tank. Mixing quality and therefore concrete quality is granted by the variable angel of logarithmic spiral. 3.DELIVERING: No place is too difficult for our concrete mixer. The 4 wheel drive transmission, along with the ideal weight balance, allows to climb, fully loaded, over 30% gradients. 4.DISCHARGING: The mixing unit is hydraulic slewing 270 degree for high discharge over 1.8m to the four sides of the vehicle.

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